Lyricist combines everything you need for lyric writing, chord charting, transposition and archiving into one package. The end result is Professional Quality Lyric Sheets and Chord Charts, but there’s much more to Lyricist.

Rhyming Dictionary: There are few tools more valuable to the lyric writer, so we included one with over 11,000 of the most commonly used rhymes, including slang! It's current methodology is quite unique in that it doesn't bog you down with hundreds of thousands of rhymes, instead, it synergizes with the rhyming dictionary already in your head. Although, Lyricist does pack a few extended rhymes in its dictionary, the majority of it's word associations are perfect rhymes. This is not a weakness in the rhymer because it was designed to work with your creative process by jogging the best words from your mind for your songs. In fact, it is fun and easy to process extended or near rhymes in your head using Lyricist: For example, if you wanted to rhyme the word "time," you would go to Lyricist and gets lots of perfect rhymes: lime, climb, dime, etc., but, if you didn't find what you were looking for, you could process one near rhyme for "time" in your head, for instance, the word "pie." Then, you could search the Lyricist rhymer for the word "pie" and get cry, defy, die, drive-by, and 50 + other near rhymes. Lyricist synergizes with the rhyming dictionary in your head, and since your head is connected to your heart, that’s where your great songs are written.

Chord Charting:
Chord Charting was the single most user-requested feature!  Lyricist comes  complete with 4,080 different guitar chords symbols, representing a total of 450 plus chords with multiple voicings, and over 500 piano style chord symbols. Insert chords into your lyrics with only a few mouse clicks! Of course, there are more possible chord variations than any software program could ever contain, so Lyricist also lets you edit your own chord symbols. If your fingers can play it, Lyricist can display it, simply edit one of the user-definable symbols.  (Uses your system's default .bmp editing program.)

Chord Wizard: Most guitar players, at one time or another, have stumbled across a great-sounding chord while writing or practicing and not known what it was. Plug the finger positions into Lyricist's new Chord Wizard and let it identify the chord for you! Chord Wizard also provides a list of alternate chords you could create by simply changing a note or two. Once you've identified your chord, you can insert it directly into your song.

Song Transposition: If one key is a bit too high for your voice, instantly transpose your charts to another key with a couple of mouse clicks. Lyricist's Transposition feature allows you to quickly and easily transpose your songs between musical keys and back and forth between Piano and Guitar style chord charts. It even lets you transpose into the Nashville Number System!

Programmable Text Stlyes:
If you normally show your title in blue 12-pt Verdana text, your verses in black 10-pt Arial, and your choruses in italics, you don't want to have to set each of those parameters every time you write a song. With Lyricist's text styles, all you need to do is select your Title text and click the Title Style button...and bam! You've got the text style you want. Lyricist includes Style buttons for Title, Copyright, Chorus, Verse, Bridge, and two user-defined Styles.

Database-Oriented Storage: Most word processing applications store your work as a series of individual document files. These can be difficult to manage and organize. Lyricist stores your songs in a centralized database, making for easier management and backup. Database storage also means "on the fly" saves! This means that every time you click a button, switch songs, pretty much anything apart from individual keystrokes, your work is automatically saved. You rarely ever have to hit the Save button (we gave you one anyway just for good measure).

Email or Export your Songs: Lyricist will attach your song (as an RTF file) to an email so you can swap songs with your friends!  Save any song as an RTF (Rich-Text) file for viewing and editing in a number of word processing programs such as MS-Word.

Media File Launch : Do you have an MP3, WAV, MIDI, or RA file of the song you're working on? Maybe a rough mix or a scratch track? Or maybe you have a scanned file of the song's copyright form, or a spreadsheet of recording expenses, or any other file that relates to your song. Link the file to the song and you can launch the file with one click! Lyricist opens the file using your computer's default program for that file type. No need to switch to Explorer or your Desktop to find that file and then go through the process of opening it. Just click and go!

Spellchecker and Thesaurus:  Need we say more?