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LYRICIST Testimonials

Lately, along with writing new songs from the ground up, I have resurrected some songs that I never quite felt right about, and it seems like it is generally always because I didn't quite have the maturity or the skill at my younger age to make the lyrics live up to the music. Sometimes I just needed to live more. This rewriting/editing process has been greatly helped by Lyricist! Sometimes that fresh approach leads to something that is literally re-invented, and the song lives.

It's true that books on songwriting and even songwriting software will not make one a songwriter, but if one has it in them as something they need to do (like it is with most songwriters), a program like Lyricist sweeps away some of the "housekeeping" details and that helping hand can, in and of itself, tend to inspire you to do more.

I am certain that there are songwriters among your company of programmers, and to them, especially, I want to say thanks. Programming is definitely a discipline. I've touched on it very briefly; just enough to know that is true. I am sure that the overwhelming (huge) abundance of songwriters could never program a program like Lyricist, but you folks have brought that skill into focus for both yourselves and you fellow songwriters.

WE are music, and we write the songs. Your program and your efforts help to make that so.

J R S.

I just discovered this one of a kind, user-friendly gem created especially for lyricists. For $59.95, itís a steal for the convenience this software offers.†

Sherrie D.
DSA Board of Directors
Editor of "Songwriters Notes"

Sincerely, thank you for your tremendous support and I look forward to your upgrades and future products

A very satisfied customer

"I have to say I'm very impressed! My biggest mental block in writing music has always been in writing lyrics, and this is a really good system for encouraging this."

Richard H.
Oxford, UK

"I feel you guys have done a magnificent job... I use Lyricist almost daily, and have yet to have a single regret or frustration with it...Lyricist is a Joy to work with."

God Bless
Terry P.

"I NEED this product! Thank you so much for creating it..."

Mike M.

"You people should try it. I was lucky enough to be on the beta team for this product. I think my biggest problem with song writing is the lyrics and Lyricist makes it so much easier for me."

Tim S.
British Columbia, Canada

"Lyricist is WONDERFUL! It is a big help for me. Now I don't have to worry about all the cluttered notebooks. I can keep ALL of my ideas in one place. (I tend to lose pieces of paper!) "

Jeff B.
Louisville, Kentucky,