TrackNotes is a Track Management system used to document recording sessions studio information with extensive reporting capabilities.

Song Registration: Select your song, enter basic song information, review scene notes, or access any other part of the program.

Fully-Flexible Track Management: TrackNotes doesn’t dictate how you manage your recording session – you do!  TrackNotes has all the features you need to document your work in studios ranging from the simplest 4-track deck to state of the art digital multi-track systems.

Supports up to 64 tracks x 64 Virtual Tracks and 16 Scene Snapshots:  TrackNotes supports all the latest multi-track environments, allowing you to document up to 64 tracks including full track-specific signal path plus settings! Record fader settings, virtual track descriptions, track status, multiple scenes, and more!

Custom Studio Configuration:
With TrackNotes you are not limited to a preset selection of devices and studio components.  You tell TrackNotes what you have in your studio and TrackNotes adapts to you..

Session Memo: Log Sessions details in Rich Text

Multiple Document Interface: View as many songs as you like at once.  Copy tracks across songs, including signal path and settings.


Studio View: Customize your studio devices to reflect your particular setup.  Also includes studio asset tracking and valuation. Now you can track your investment down to the penny.  TrackNotes stores original and current asset values for everything in your studio.

Digital image viewer: Store and view song-specific jpeg images.  Link jpeg images to your sessions and call them up whenever you need them!  Great for documenting drum kit setups, mic placements, artwork, session photos, etc...

Signal Path Tracking: Record the signal path for each individual track. Once you’ve set up your studio, TrackNotes knows your devices; a few mouse-clicks later you’ve got a complete record of all the devices in your signal path and their settings.

Lyricist Launch: One click bring up Lyricist with your current song already loaded and ready for viewing or editing.  LYRICIST sold separately.

Extensive Reporting: Click here to see examples of TrackNotes Extensive Reporting capabilities